Monday, July 16, 2012

Be Prepared

Here are some tips to be prepared in case something causes a prolonged power outage in your area:

1: Make sure you have plenty of batteries for flashlights and radios
2: Invest in a good generator. A Small one can run your refrigerator, freezer, and a small light. Don’t forget, be careful where you run it, to avoid Carbon Monoxide.
3: if you have an electric stove, It would be wise to invest in a good charcoal or gas grill, so you can cook, or a Coleman camp stove.   See the above warning for ventilation.
4: Stock up on canned foods, get a hand can opener.
5: If you can’t get a generator, don’t open your refrigerators or freezers unless absolutley  needed. Invest in some large coolers.
6: Seek shelter if there’s a Heat or Cold Problem
7: To pass the time, treat it like a camping trip.  Find a good book to read or a game to play.
8: Stock up on water!

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