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After some tech problems, we will have a  brand new show for you tomorrow night Monday 12-21-09!  The topics will include:

Is Christmas getting too commercial?
and lots of Christmas music!

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Friday, December 4, 2009

We will be on the air

 Tonight Frida y12-4-09 Starting at 9 eastern. We will be having a free for all with a guest.

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Our next episode

Will be tomorrow Wednesday 11-18-09 starting at 9pm eastern. The Topics for this show will be:

Finding God's Will in your life

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Schedule Change

Since I won't be home Friday Night, we will  be on the air Monday, Wednesday, And Thursday, starting at 9pm Eastern!


Podcast For Wednesday's Show 11-11-09

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The Big Topics For This Show Were:

Execution Of The DC Sniper

Crazy Astronaut Gets Her Day In Court


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Will Be Tomorrow Friday 10-30 starting at 9pm Eastern!  The topics for tonight action packed show are:

Raw Milk: Safe Or Not

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Eating Organic Foods Can Help You Lose Weight

Eating Organic Foods Can Help You Lose Weight

Eating organic foods can help you lose weight very quickly. Harmful toxins in our foods are increasing and they are being blamed for the rapid weight gain we have seen in the last twenty five years. These toxins can cause your body to store fat and can cause numerous diseases. Once you start eating organic foods
(vegetables, fruits and meats), your system will rid itself of the toxins you have ingested and you will begin to lose weight immediately.

Our systems were not designed to process these chemicals and our liver is being overloaded which is damaging our health and causing us to become overweight. A build up of chemicals in our fat stores is occurring and even more fat is being formed.

These chemicals are also slowing down our metabolism which is why many people are unable to lose weight. Changing your diet and eating organic foods can help you lose weight and detoxify your system.

Nicie Metts

s it possible to lose weight quickly by eating organic foods?

Is it possible to lose weight quickly by eating organic foods? What are the benefits of organic food? Is it really worth the extra money?

Yes, it is true, eating organic foods can help you lose weight very quickly once you have eliminated all the toxins from your system. There are many additional benefits to eating organic foods including the fact that they contain more nutrients.

This may surprise you. A study was conducted in which samples from the FDA's records were analyzed. There were numerous discrepancies in the contamination figures and almost half of the contaminates were illegal pesticides which were banned due to their toxic properties. Almost half are illegal ? - this is what
we are eating? Pretty scary!

The dangerous toxins in our foods have increased and it is being blamed for the rapid weight gain we have seen in the population. These chemicals can cause your body to store fat and cause many different diseases. Our systems were not designed to process these toxins and our liver is being overworked and
overloaded. Changing your diet and eating organic foods can help you lose weight and detoxify your system.

If you are still in doubt that eating organics can help you lose weight and are healthier for you, consider the fact that the chemicals put in many of our foods are fairly new and have only been consumed for a short period of time. The damage that they can do to us is mostly unknown. Our bodies were not designed to
process these chemicals. Pesticides, hormones and preservatives can not be processed by our liver and it causes extreme damage to it.

Ingesting these toxins also disrupts the function of our metabolism which is essential to losing weight. When you eat organic foods your system digests them quickly and efficiently. When your system doesn't have to process the additional chemicals your metabolism will increase and you will be less tired and have more
energy. You will feel more like exercising and getting out and doing more. Eating healthy organic foods can help you lose weight, feel better and have more energy. They are a little bit more expensive but the benefits of organic food are well worth it.

Nicie Metts

organic foods 2

Discover the advantages of organic foods

There are plenty of advantages of organic foods, although eating organic won't automatically make you healthier in itself. After all, you can overdose on organic chocolate just as easily as you can on non-organic!

But there are lots of compelling reasons for taking on board the advantages of organic foods and using them whenever you can, to give added value to a healthy and balanced diet.

Organic foods have to be produced to certain standards so when a food is labelled organic, you can be sure you're getting the real thing.


* Often, the flavour is just so much better. Good organic fruits and vegetables are juicy and full-flavoured, milk tastes richer, cheeses are ripe and mouthwatering. Once you've experienced the sweet intensity of a fresh
organic carrot, bought with the sandy soil still clinging to it, other carrots will seem insipid and bland. Of course, there are no guarantees. Not every organic item will give you a burst of flavour pleasure, but if you shop carefully, buy only the freshest, and seek out quality, you won't be disappointed. Eating organic makes it easier to follow the seasons too.

* Supermarkets choose fruit and veg varieties for appearance and shelf-life. Flavour isn't always a consideration. Because there are more, named varieties of organic fruit and veg on offer, you can get to know their subtle flavour differences.

* One of the huge advantages of organic foods is that they haven't been doused in pesticides. Organic farms ban artificial pesticides. In the UK, 31,000 tonnes of pesticides are blasted on to farmland every year, and 25% of food carries residues of these chemicals, created to kill pests and weeds. Non-organic fruit and veg is covered in the stuff and it won't all wash off. Pesticide residues turn up, not just on fruit and vegetables, but in bread, baby food and other products. Governments claim that there's no need risk to health from these pesticide traces, but wouldn't you rather feed yourself and your kids on food that's pesticide free?

* Making organic food for babies is an especially good idea. That way, you'll to give them the purest possible source of nourishment while their organs and bodies are growing so fast. Take a look at these organic baby food recipes if you need some inspiration.

* Perhaps one of the prime advantages of organic food is that it is pure food, nothing more, nothing less. Forget E-numbers, hydrogenated fats, artificial colours, flavours, sweeteners, preservatives – none of the additives lurking in processed and fast food are permitted in organic foods. There are no residual antibiotics, growth hormones or BSE in organic meat, no pesticides in organic milk, no hidden starches bulking out organic baby food. If you want a diet based on natural food that hasn't been tampered with – think organic.

* Genetically modified – GM – food isn't used in organic products. We don't know what effect GM foods have on long-term health. Best avoided.

* Organic foods can be more nutritious, richer in vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids than non-organic.

* And don't forget the feel-good factor. One of the greatest advantages of organic foods is that buying and eating them is a real, guilt-free pleasure, which is more than you can say for the average supermarket shop. It's great to know that you're not only helping the environment, you're feeding your family on good, pure food, that tastes better than processed food, and has no hidden unhealthies. That feels good.

* Yet another of the advantages of organic foods is that you're also doing the environment a good turn when you choose them. Intensive farming methods erode soil, destroy ancient hedgerows, and decimate wild life. Organic farms look after the environment.

* Intensive farming is outrageously cruel to farm animals – think of battery chickens, pigs kept in farrowing pens, cows milked to exhaustion. Another of the indisputable advantages of organic foods is that organic farming methods put humane treatment top of the agenda.


* Don't feel that you must buy organic everything. Even switching to a few organic regulars makes a difference.

* Make the change to organic versions of everyday mainstays. Try organic milk, cheese, pasta, chicken, bananas.

* Take it slowly. Pick up one or two organic items every time you shop. Try different brands, and once a week, buy something new to try: organic tofu, stuffed vine leaves, soup. You'll soon find favourites.

* There's an organic version of almost every food you can think of, from coffee to baked beans, pizzas to eggs. Drinks, pork chops, peanut butter, jam – all supermarkets stock organic goods, although you'll do better buying in local shops or farmers' markets if you can.

* Shop around. Organic foods are sometimes more expensive than non-organic, but the more people buy them, the more prices will come down. We pay through taxes for the hidden costs of cleaning up water polluted with agro-chemicals that underpin the production of cheap mass-produced foods.

* Once you've started making the change, you'll soon appreciate the many advantages of eating organic foods, and you won't want to switch back.

Nicie Metts

organic foods 1

Resource by John Kepner

Organic More Nutritious

Comparison of the Total Phenolic and Ascorbic Acid Content of Freeze-Dried and Air-Dried Marionberry, Strawberry, and Corn Grown Using Conventional, Organic, and Sustainable Agricultural Practices, Asami, D. K., et al. (Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry February 2003, Vol. 51, No. 5) Researchers at the University of California- Davis have found that organically or sustainably grown berries and corn contain up to 58 percent more polyphen-olics (natural antioxidants that may help prevent heart disease and cancer) than their conventional counterparts grown in neighboring plots. The work suggests that insecticides and herbicides may actually reduce the production of polyphenolics by plants. The study also shows that the organically or
sustain-ably grown crops also had more ascorbic acid, which the body converts to vitamin C. The organic foods were grown according to the definition set by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, without artificial pesticides or fertilizers used in conventional farming. Sustainably grown produce was grown with artificial fertilizers, but without pesticides. Polyphenolics are natural chemicals a plant produces in response to pest presence, their bitter taste acting to drive pests away. This new research suggests that when pesticides are
used, the plant is not required to make as much of these chemicals. Alyson Mitchell, an assistant professor of food science at the University of California, Davis, who led the study, stated that crops grown without using insecticides Studies Show Benefits of Eating Organic or herbicides might make more polyphe-nolics because
they are more likely to be stressed by insects or other pests. "This may reflect the balance between adequate nutrition in the form of fertilizers and external pest pressures because of the lack of pesticides and herbicides," she said.

Organic Food Safer

Organophosphorus Pesticide Exposure of Urban and Suburban Preschool Children with Organic and Conventional Diets, Curl, C.L. et al. (Environmental Health Perspectives, March 2003, Vol. 111, No. 3)
According to the results of this University of Washington study, children who eat a diet of organic food show a level of pesticides in their body that is six times lower than children who eat a diet of conventionally produced food. To acquire the data, researchers collected 24-hour urine samples from 18 children with organic diets and 21 children with conventional diets and analyzed them for five organophosphate (OP) pesticide metabolites. The children were recruited from the entryways of two grocery stores in the Seattle-metropolitan area: a local consumer cooperative selling a large variety of organic foods and a large retail chain
supermarket selling mostly conventional foods. Parents kept food diaries for three days before urine collection, and they distinguished organic and conventional foods based on label information. Children were
then classified as having consumed either organic or conventional diets based on analysis of the diary data. Residential pesticide use was also recorded for each home. Significantly higher concentrations of OP
(dimethyl alkyl-phosphate) metabolites were found in the children with conventional diets. The researchers found that some of the levels exceed EPA's acceptable threshold exposure for no likelihood of "appreciable" effects, known as the reference dose (RfD). The researchers chose OP pesticides for analysis because of their widespread use, their reported presence as residues on foods frequently consumed by children, and their acute toxicity. Studies in animals show that even a single, low-level exposure to certain OP pesticides during particular times of early brain development can cause permanent changes in brain chemistry, as well as changes in behavior, such as hyperactivity. This may mean that early childhood exposure to such chemicals can lead to lasting effects on learning, attention, and behavior, just like the environmental neurotoxin lead. The researchers state, "Our finding that children who consume primarily organic produce exhibit lower pesticide
metabolite levels in their urine than children who consume conventional produce is consistent with known agricultural practice, because organic foods are grown without pesticides. Consumption of organic produce appears to provide a relatively simple way for parents to reduce their children's exposure to OP pesticides."
For more information or a copy of either of the studies, see www.beyondpesticides.org/ organicfood. To maximize reduced pesticide exposure from your food, look for the USDA Organic label that says "100% organic" when you are food shopping. Science has proven what we've known for a long time: Eating organic food is healthier than eating food grown in a concoction of toxic chemicals. Although the conventional farming industry has done its best to prove the opposite, and the government has always steered clear of endorsing organic agriculture, health-conscious shoppers around the country have always known that buying organic is better for their families, farmworkers and the environment. Two new studies, one out of the
University of Washington and one out of University of California- Davis, prove that organic is actually healthier.

nicie metts

Healthy Living/Natural Foods

Is The topic of our next show Wednesday 10-21 starting at 9PM Eastern!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Our Next Episode

Will Be Tonight Monday 10-19 starting at 930 PM Eastern.  I'm gonna be going solo, since Nicie was gone this weekend and we couldn't Record.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Happy Birthday..

To my wonderful, beautiful awesome best friend/co host Nicie!

Friday NIght 10-16

Nicie's getting ready to visit her parents this weekend, so listen into a classic episode starting at 9pm eastern!

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Our Next Episode

Will be tonight (Wednesday 10-14-09)  We will be talking about  little bit of this and a little bit of that. So Tune in starting at 9pm eastern!

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Podcast For Friday's Show 10-10-09

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The Big Topics For This Show Were:

Nicie gives Billy advice

Illegal Immigration

Need some advice....


I have a friend online who IMs me comstantly with me, and complains constantly on how bad his marriage is. All it seems he does is sit at home, play video games, and take clips of them which he also sends me an annoying amounts of times. I have told him several times that if he's unhappy in his marriage, get out, but he insists on doing nothing but complain.  And I also don't have the heart to tell him that im not interested in his dumb video  games. Don't get me wrong, I like him. Any advice on how to tell him that hes annoying me without starting a fight?  I have always said, if you're gonna complain about something and do nothing about it, there is NO use in complaining!


Thursday, October 8, 2009

Our Next Episode

Will be tomorrow Friday 10-9-09, Starting, as always, at 9pm easter.  The Topics will be:

Nicie Tries To Get Billy's Head On Straight
Illegal Immigration

So Tune In!

Podcast For Wednesday's Show 10-7-09

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The Big Topic For This Show Was:

Managing your Money/The Death Penalty: The execution of an innocent man

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Listen up!

Our next show will be tonight (Wednesday 10-7) Starting at 9PM Eastern!  The topics we will be discussing tonight will be :

Managing Your Money
The Death Penalty-The Execution Of An Innocent Man

So Tune In!

My Responce to Nicie's Post

Well, Best Friend, I gotta agree with you %100!  Ladies, your life or the life of your kids are more important then trying to make an abuser that you're in a relationship with change!  If you're in this situation,  PLEASE, GET AWAY FROM IT!!!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Podcast For Friday's Show 10-2-09

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The Big Topic For This Show Was:

In The News

never a dull moment

Hey everyone,

I wanted to share something rather interesting that happened.  I called my mom and she told me of something that happened where they live.  Apparently a woman came over and asked to use the phone.  She said that her boyfriend was beating on her.  She called the police.  The man who was doing left as to avoid the police.  I guess he thought he'd leave until a "safe" time period had gone by.  Oh but he was mistaken.  When my father saw him drive up my father called the police and the police arrested the guy for domestic violence.  Yeah Daddy!!!! And apparently she packed her and her son's stuff and left.  Good for her!!!!  That is a smart girl.  I can't stand women who use their children as an excuse to stay with someone abusive or women who are so shallow and lazy that they would rather put their children in harms way just so they don't have to go and get a job and actually have to provide for their own children.  To me I hold women to a higher standard than men.  Cause we all know that most men are stupid creatures but women are supposed to have some kind of maternal instinct that keeps them from doing stupid things that put their kids in danger but alas some women don't have that because they don't know what real love and sacrifice is!!  So I say to you women out there: "If a man is abusing you or your kids get out!  There are people who are more than willing to help you out and help you get on your feet!"  "You're kids safety and their sanity is more important that any man regardless of how much he claims to love you or how much you claim you love him!"  "Don't make excuses!  If its that bad that you are telling everyone what he's doing leave!  Either leave or shut up about it!  Your situation shouldn't affect everyone around you!"  Now I am not being heartless but some women make drama in their lives just so they get attention from other people and that is wrong!!!  I have been in an abusive relationship.  Really abusive as in he broke my larynx.  But I was in the wrong for staying....thinking that he was gonna change or that I could change him with any amount of love.  Some people are just mean.  You need to stay away from those people whether it be romatic or another type of relationship. 


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Our Next Show

Will be tonight (Friday 10-2) Starting at 9pm eastern!  During this show, we will be discussing some interesting news stories we've come across!  So listen in!

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Our Next Show

Will Be Tomorrow (Wednesday 9-30)  Starting at 9PM Eastern. The topics for this all new show will be:

Domestic Violence

Tune in!

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Well, faithful listeners, we had a little problem last night. Nicie and I had a very serious show recorded last night but.....when Nicie went to process the recording into an MP3, the program crashed, and the show was lost!  Tonight, we will attempt to recreate this masterpiece for your listening enjoyment!  The topic was a very serious one,   I won't give any details away, so listen in ( Hopfully) on Wednesday! Meanwhile, tonight, listen into a classic episode.


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To Get Ahold of Nicie:
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If you're listening to us live, feel free to leave a message on the website!  We'd love to hear from you!

Podcast For Monday's Show 9-21-09

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The Big Topic For This Show Was:


Why Nicie is my best friend

Nicie is my best friend because she is a wonderful, caring person.  She listens to my problems when I need someone to talk to, doesn't judge me, and gives great advice.  She has done a great job of encouraging me when it comes to overcoming my past, and she has helped me begin to get closer to God.  She has the strength  to listen to my rantings on the phone without hanging up. I admire her faith, and hope I can get mine to her level.  I consider her to be the best friend I've ever had!  I consider our friendship to be on a level that very few friendships get to.  Thank you God for putting her in my life!


Our Next Show ...

Will Be Wednesday 9-23-09 starting at 9pm eastern!  The topic will be They Don't Speak For Me Pt. 2.  Nicie will be giving her opins on The pastors who are praying for the President to die.

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Show For Monday 9-14-09

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The Big Topic For This Show Was:

They Don't Speak For Me Pt .1


Tonight is a repeat of a classic episode. Nicie is having some stuff to take care of at home, and I'm not feeling good. We'll let ya know when the next new show is!


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Our Next Show:

Will Be Tomorrow Night Monday 9-14-09 Starting at 9 PM Eastern!  Tune in!  I (Billy) will be doing it live and solo, since Nicie is out of town for the weekend.  My topic will be:

They Don't Speak For Me!  Some so called Christians are praying for President Obama to die!

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Welcome-From Billy

Welcome!  Nicie and I have started this blog to jot down our thoughts and summarize the topics of our show. Enjoy this, and enjoy our show!