Friday, February 21, 2014

Split Decision


What do you think of the verdict in the Michael Dunne trial?  He was found guilty of  4 counts of attempted murder for firing into a carload of teen boys, but the jury was hung on the count of murdering a boy who he said went after him after Mr. Dunne asked them to turn their music on.  Some accounts have it at 10-2 to convict, some have it at 9-3.  It is hard to understand.  Perhaps Criminal Law needs to be simplified in how it is written to allow jurors to understand just what they can do.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

No Free Lunch


This episode in a Utah elementary school, where several students had their lunches taken away from them and  thrown away because their accounts were low or at negative balance   could have been handled better on both sides. First off, perhaps the  lunch line could be rearranged, with the students having their cards checked to see if they had enough funds on them. We know that it’s policy that the food had to be thrown away, as unseemly as it looks. And on the kids/parents side, did they really need to go on TV?

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