Monday, August 29, 2011

What A Wacky week!


Earthquakes, hurricanes, what’s next?


Please bear with us if the next few shows don’t sound very good.   Billy’s Desktop computer broke down, and the sound on his laptop isn’t as good. However, the show must go on…..

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Common Sense? From Billy

Watching a trial on Tru TV dealing with an 8 year old who was allowed to shoot an uzi at a gun show, something went wrong, and the kid ended up shooting the back of his head off.  Would you allow your 8 year old to shoot an automatic weapon?  Maybe a single shot .22 or something, but not an uzi or any other automatic weapon!  The put up too much recoil that a kid that small just doesn’t have the strength to handle. Just letting you know, despite my views, this is NOT an anti gun post. My Dad is a hunter and has several guns. I have no problem with responsible gun ownership!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

There Really Is Some Good News Out There!

You hear lots of bad news these days, but there is some good out there.  Like the lady who was paralyzed due to a pool accident caused by horsing around at her bachlorette party who finally tied the knot after a year of rehab, and the kids whos  soldier father surprised  them by returning from Afghanistan and coming to their school, and the wife who won a contest to throw out the first pitch at a ballgame and her soldier husband had secretly returned and disguised himself in umpire’s gear, surprising her at the game.

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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Historical What-Ifs

Sometimes, the course of History can be changed if something different happens. Suppose how things in our country would have went if…

1: George Washington decided to stay in retirement at Mount Vernon and declined either to lead the Continental Army in 1775 or accept the presidency in 1789.

2: After the South seceded, they either won the Civil War, or the North decided to say “Seeya” and peace was  made, and there were 2 countries.

3: Had Lincoln survived, would Reconstruction had have been easier? Or would the Radical Republicans impeached him for his leniency towards the South as they actually did to Andrew Johnson.

4: Had the election of 1876 not been stolen by the Republicans, how would a Tillman presidency been?

5: Had the Republicans not been divided in 1912, could Taft, If reelected, or Teddy Roosevelt if his campaign been sucessful prevented the US from entering World War 1?

6:  If FDR had been defeated for reelection in 1936 or decided not to run for a 3rd term in 1940, could his successors have kept us out of WW2?

7: Had FDR not died in April 1945, would he have authorized the dropping of the Atomic Bombs?

8: Suppose we had not dropped the Bomb, and we had to invade Japan, how much time would it have taken and how many lives would have been lost?

9: If  JFK had not been shot,and served 2 terms, would Viet Nam have ended earlier?  Civil Rights legistation passed?  would we have had Nixon elected in 1968?

10: If not for Iran, would we be saying “Ronald Who?”

11: see no 4, Change it to 2000 election, how would Al Gore have been as president?

12: If not for 9/11 would GW Bush been reelected?

The Possibilities are endless..

Monday, August 1, 2011

Another Fallen Star

The Death of Amy Winehouse is another in the list of Celebrities who have died from drug and alcohol abuse.  Why is it they have the need to get high? Stress? Pressure? This should be a wake up call to kids to insist on being fans of these people, and want to imitate them.


We are pleased to announce that starting this week, we will  be expanding our programing lineup!  In addition to Rantings, we will be presenting programs of all different types, such as news, classic radio shows, religion, and Tech! Tune in and enjoy!