Thursday, November 10, 2011

Driven Under By Scandal

Joe Paterno was right when he said he should have done more.  Even if he didn’t understand what his graduate assistant said he saw former defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky doing with a 10 year old kid in the shower at the Penn State locker room, he should have at least did some investigating.   As for the other times he was told, and told his bosses, he could have at least checked back in a few days and seen if they had done anything, and call the police if the hadn’t.  Technically, he did the right thing, but morally, he really should have followed up.  He, the college president,  the 2 officials who were charged with perjury, the grad assistant, and anyone else involved should be ashamed with their actions.  Hopefully Mr. Sandusky will get the book thrown at him, and spend the rest of his life in jail.  Also, let’s not forget the kids: They were between 8 and 13 when this happened. NO kid should have to go through abuse, especially at the hands of an adult that they trusted. Hopefully, they can/are getting therapy for this, and they can have a good life.

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