Friday, April 30, 2010

From Billy

As a lot of you may know, I am a big coin collector.  I thought for tonight's monolog I'd give some tips for the beginner:

1: Where to start:  You can start a collection from pocket change, having coins handed down from relatives, 
     garage sales, there are lots of ways

2: Recommended Books: Here are a couple of must have books for the collector:
       A Guidebook of United States Coins (Also called the Red Book)
     American Numistmatic Association Grading Standards

3: How to Store Your coins:
     I recommend the Whitman blue Albums, don't use the ones with plastic slides in the hole, as they scratch    coins.

   Single coins can be stored in plastic holder, just watch out , some plastics can damage coins.

   Invest in a good safe or a safe deposit box.

  And Last But not least:  DO NOT CLEAN COINS! It might make them clean, but it can damage a coin's surface.

You can Collect by denonination or design, the possibilities are endless!


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