Monday, October 5, 2009

never a dull moment

Hey everyone,

I wanted to share something rather interesting that happened.  I called my mom and she told me of something that happened where they live.  Apparently a woman came over and asked to use the phone.  She said that her boyfriend was beating on her.  She called the police.  The man who was doing left as to avoid the police.  I guess he thought he'd leave until a "safe" time period had gone by.  Oh but he was mistaken.  When my father saw him drive up my father called the police and the police arrested the guy for domestic violence.  Yeah Daddy!!!! And apparently she packed her and her son's stuff and left.  Good for her!!!!  That is a smart girl.  I can't stand women who use their children as an excuse to stay with someone abusive or women who are so shallow and lazy that they would rather put their children in harms way just so they don't have to go and get a job and actually have to provide for their own children.  To me I hold women to a higher standard than men.  Cause we all know that most men are stupid creatures but women are supposed to have some kind of maternal instinct that keeps them from doing stupid things that put their kids in danger but alas some women don't have that because they don't know what real love and sacrifice is!!  So I say to you women out there: "If a man is abusing you or your kids get out!  There are people who are more than willing to help you out and help you get on your feet!"  "You're kids safety and their sanity is more important that any man regardless of how much he claims to love you or how much you claim you love him!"  "Don't make excuses!  If its that bad that you are telling everyone what he's doing leave!  Either leave or shut up about it!  Your situation shouldn't affect everyone around you!"  Now I am not being heartless but some women make drama in their lives just so they get attention from other people and that is wrong!!!  I have been in an abusive relationship.  Really abusive as in he broke my larynx.  But I was in the wrong for staying....thinking that he was gonna change or that I could change him with any amount of love.  Some people are just mean.  You need to stay away from those people whether it be romatic or another type of relationship. 


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